Guide Lines


The Sticky Grass (aka Goose Grass & Cleavers) is a common flora at Finsley Gate
The guides and brownies of the 52nd St Andrews Burnley Group and the 5th Burnley Cub Scouts visited the Egg between June 27th and July 18th following a talk I gave about the nature of the Egg at their HQ. Marshmallows were popular around the camp fire (though no marsh mallow was growing nearby) and small groups took it in turns to see inside the Egg itself. Each trip had its own unique attributes. The guides had a sing song, the brownies took my equipment and did a lot of their own photography and sound recording while the cubs really explored the physical structure and took interest in the Bee Aware campaign in support of our yellow and black bodied neighbours.  I hope to welcome the Burnley Wood groups when their new year begins in September.

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