Last year when the Exbury Egg was at Finsley Gate Boatyard in Burnley Wood, I was artist in residence at this derelict boatyard site and this little video by Huckleberry Films was commissioned by Super Slow Way.   As the ‘care taker’,  I simply opened the space up to share my own enjoyment of nature (from a wintry April until the first snows of Winter) with a great many local people.

As the tour ‘Everything Comes from the Egg’ draws to a close at the Jerwood Gallery in Hastings on Sunday October 15th, its good to look back on such happy memories.

Dead dogfish, huss and skate were strewn over the foreshore at Hastings Stade. I was told the gulls ignored them, but today they were being enthusiastically fought over.

PP5logoPolypropylene (PP) rope is very popular in marine use because it floats, is cheap to produce and is relatively strong and rot resistant. Not the strongest of rope, it is also sensitive to UV degradation that means it can become brittle and weak if left out in the sun. On the foreshore around the Hastings Stade I was able to gather a range of frayed and vary coloured threads.

However, this well managed area is encouragingly largely free of such detritus and my collection took a few hours to gather. I am making it into an ironic sort of Hastings Egglet that acts as a reminder of wider issues around plastic contamination of the seas.







This is a small record of a celebration of the Summer Solstice with local people around Stephen Turner’s Exbury Egg in 2016. We found a CD of ‘Love is All Around by’ Wet Wet Wet amid the sea of fly tipped waste surrounding the Exbury Egg at a derelict Finsley Gate Boatyard in Burnley. After getting a permit to use the soundtrack we made our own video record of the moment.

I returned for a second celebration this Summer and intend to be there again for a third event in 2018. This is living public art, an expression of local culture that has specific and recurring seasonal presence.

There is only one week remaining to see the exhibition currently showing at the Jerwood Gallery in Hastings until October 15th, 2017.




IMG_7615 (1)

Hastings Hue Number 5 is a somewhat common raw white. The remains of dead huss and dog fish were scattered liberally along the foreshore as luncheon for the gull and insect population.